The Come Up Was Wildlife

I used to sew my own clothes in primary school. What did you think I was gonna do when I got a bit of dosh?
I never had money for a formal school uniform, everything was thrifted. When cats were rocking Dickies, I was rocking Yanks, thats why to this day when they zig I zag
Used to ‘get’ American magazines like Black Beat and Yo! ( we only ‘got’ The Source and Vibe to read ) but then we would strip all the posters off of the little publications and make lil weekly fortunes in high school. I remember cats would pay a tiger or even choco for a @rsvpmase poster, we also sold earrings too because all the ouens needed to shine after school, the bus trip to town was the instagram then! I think I was making about R30-R50 on a good week. Shambeez that we still riding around and gerring it.
When I got a scholarship at Vega in ‘04. I wasn’t computer literate and I suddenly had access to an Apple computer, remember the Apple Macintosh? So, as soon as I figured out that iTunes could make audio CDs and Mp3 discs, that became my hustle, the Bonela taxi rank is where I made lil weekly fortunes and that got me into collecting all types of music. I still collect to this day.
Through out high school most of my shoes were thrifted or handed down, I have never owned a fresh pair of Toughees to this day. So, my shoes were either oversized or undersized, I prefer the former to tell you the truth. My feet prefer sneaker comfortable technology over formal shoes because of that.
To stay fresh and make extra money in college, we started looking for thrift gulleys downtown, but the next level game plan came when the homies @u_sanele @jamalaun @1n5targram @dr_pachanga found deadstock 80s zazas on Grey Street ( Yusuf Dadoo street now ) we were getting those like R2.50 I was flipping them at around R30/R50 depending on the style. That cash kept me fresh and got me to afford to party in 3 scenes. I would go to white jols at Tilt and Zeta Bar etc on friday nights, go to the @djtira x @djsoxsa parties at Tilt on Saturdays but sometimes I would go down to emahlanyeni to the clubs in PoInt Rd. ( Mahatma Gandhi rd. now ) I loved those clubs because dancers reigned supreme and also nobody wanted to go home at those clubs and I fit perfectly there because I was a certified delabuthongo! My final papers were’nt that good at college because my mind was on party mode but I still learnt a lot from that time.
Images shot by @topshotta


  • Fortune AkA Kingsporo_McCombo

    I get inspired eerrday malums write a book too! Use the lil bit of the slang u cav!

  • Original.BruhdaMan++

    Certified delabuthong, original ragerman yase msouthern🌍🔥

  • Ayabonga Mabaso

    Keep on making us happy

  • Tiisetso

    Keep inspiring us malume spova🙏🏾

  • Admire

    Ishuuu I like the hustle u did malum and I think yung cats must know how you made it out….you know most of us we always crying saying we are under privileged and this haunt us as black youths…we do not want hustle, we just want to get employed….but thanks to the knowledge…. I also listen to most of your interviews about the mlazi milano album and its an interesting story that keeps me going…..we still waiting for the album ‘like 5G’…love n support for u my uncle the coolest cat

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