Okmalumkoolkat - Drip Siphi Iskorobho Lyrics

They wait on my album like 5G
Follow my stories on IG
Sipping on Coco x Ice Tea
Trace on my address x IP
I was surfing Indonesia
I never needed no Visa
The haters they got that amnesia
Cava they ncanywa my steez ah
Stayla siyadura siyabiza
Drip siphi iskorobh x 6
verse 2
Peak at top at the pinnacle
Something thats beautiful
M in the cloud m ahead of you
M unavailable
You need to find me need aerial
We At The Top We Imperial
When I was starving
like where were you
You hold the L I will W
M really here to empower you
I made some cash in the avenue
I made a stina and doubled it
M really with one with elements
You Shouldn’t build me a monument
Just coz m fresher than any man
Shine brighter than Cullinan
M made of different material
I Defecate on the stereo
M in your face like yimi lo
M a big dog m a Labrador
No he too soft m a terrier
Came with the gang so we merrier
We bring the vibe in your area
Spova The Genge Superior
Yeah We Superior
I think I came as a meteor
I be Hakim you Arsenio
I have no boundaries nor barriers
took me a trip to Nigeria
M in the club with the Perrier
I had a dinner in Zanzibar
Life is a bitch and I married her
I woke up drunk in the Drakensburg
Cook in the kitchen like Heisenberg
Hangover cure be Haaagen-Dasz
Smoking that cabbage like Adida
I was jus laughing with hayenas
I had a chat with a zebra
Told me about earning my stripes
I Told him whatever
He was jus sipping on Sprite

He couldn’t write or recite
Must be that dung on that pipe
I was just sipping a Chai
Pelican we really fly
Pat on my tiger and get on my bike
Chewed on a shroom now m high as a kite
Ngagwaz’ ukhiy’ now m off on a hike
Made me a fire like stars in the night
Walk on the moon on rewind like Mike
Keep it so cool zero like ice
I chase the Summer m always on flights
I want my money man give me on sight
I can go Rambo like Tyson I fight
Keep me a bottle of Veuve on ice
I do the art but m cavving the science
Sun and the moon and my enemy time
I’m never selling my soul no price
I’m only marching with golden lights
I Keep it G till m old and bright
I keep it G till m frozen right
I was just smoking on Ozone right?
Could be fucking up the ozone right?
Drip siphi iskorobh x 6

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